Losing the lot

Very very slowly.

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Tough workout

Just wasn’t into it tonight.

A few little changes in the day - a bit under on food and well under on water, not as much rest as normal - and I really struggled to keep up tonight. Skipped a bit, totally exhausted.
Maybe my Tuesday run is also having an effect?

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Monday's Food Journal


Breakfast: Ezekiel toast topped with goat cheese and a half an avocado. Clean and creamy. Avocado has great healthy fats for my body.

Mid-Morning Snack: Cave Man Chocolate Cherry Nut Bar. I love these bars! All natural, gluten free, dairy free and if you’re pale they’re perfect.

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Another four mile run. I can feel it is getting easier (although it is still tough and takes me an hour). Slow and steady, and better than being on sofa in front of TV.